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Your time (and your staff's time) is extremely valuable - make the most of it!

Would you like your team to be more productive throughout the day?  Are distractions constantly increasing causing for longer and longer days?

You can change - we can help.
Optimize prescription processing

Do you want to reduce your cost per compounded prescription?  Do you want to maximize staff productivity?  Then look to us to help you optimize your prescription processing.

Carbon Health Systems will -
  • Work onsite with you and your team reviewing how the team receives, processes, and fulfills prescriptions
  • Utilize Lean principles to find opportunities for improvement
  • Find ways to reduce costs incurred for each prescription processed so you are able to do more with less

     √  Lower staffing costs
     √  Faster prescription processing
     √  Optimize the pharmacists’ time
     √  Minimize the square-footage needed to process prescriptions
     √  Lower frustrating encounters with patients and physicians
Maximize your potential with all revenue/reimbursement
 [Private Insurance, Cash, Medicare & Medicaid]
Do you spend a lot of time validating prescriptions with CMS?  Do you want to reduce that time and spend it on something more enjoyable?  Utilize Carbon Health Systems to analyze your revenue collection processes and improve reimbursement rates.

Carbon Health Systems will -
  • Work with you to analyze your CMS reimbursement process and find the greatest sources of pain.
  • Utilize Lean principles and data mining to develop new processes
  • Develop optimal pricing strategies
  • Develop a plan for your specific pharmacy for future CMS payments

     √  Minimize rejected claims
     √  Reduce the time spent on the phone with CMS
     √  Optimize the pharmacists’ time
Carbon Health Systems enjoys a strong partnership with Pharmacy Compounding Marketing, the leader in strengthening sales and marketing strategies for Compounding Pharmacies
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