To succeed in this changing environment, health care organizations MUST excel in the following 3 skills:
Strong transformational leadership – leaders must be passionate about leading their organizations through difficult times ahead; they must also be willing to recognize where they can best utilize external support & expertise to assist their teams & capitalize on changes; organizations that understand and plan for regulatory changes, IT changes, & strategic changes will excel

Take-away: You can’t do it all – hire the best to assist you through these extremely challenging changes

Cross-functional & inclusive design – designing new or changing facilities, processes, information systems, & overall operations require front-line leadership from all areas to be involved; patient care is extremely dependent on the “horizontal” flow of the patient & information across multiple departments and organizations; “vertical” mgt is limiting 

Take-away: Facilitating cross-functional design in an inclusive manner to develop the best solution for patient is a must

Integrated process & technology optimization – the future of healthcare is information flow.   What if clinicians knew everything they needed to know about a patient?  Are your clinicians challenged with the new IT system? Does IT enable your clinicians or is it the other way around?  Stop forcing technology onto our clinicians & begin optimizing information flow allowing clinicians and patients to improve care

Take-away: Integrated process & technology optimization is the answer to increasing capacity and improving quality

We waste nearly 50% of every healthcare dollar!  There is room for improvement.  
(Source: PricewaterhouseCoopers' Health Research Institute) 
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