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The American College of Healthcare Executives most recent survey regarding top issues facing hospitals is certainly challenging.  However, Carbon Health Systems can help address some very important issues on this list including:
  • Financial challenges
  • Governmental mandates 
  • Patient safety and quality 
  • Physician-hospital relations 
  • Population health management
  • Technology
We do two things very well to enable healthcare executives.

We make existing processes more efficient and help clinicians see more patients with higher quality encounters -  “success now”
We help organizations more successfully manage multiple, complex, and integrated projects - “simplify change”

"success now"

We deliver redesigned processes allowing leaders to have an immediate impact on organizational capacity and patient care.  We call this “success now” because we are able to identify process changes that a healthcare organization can make immediately impacting their ability to:
  • Improve patient flow
  • Improve the quality of each patient visit
  • Optimize the use of new or existing technology
  • Better control the flow of information and continuity of care

Examples include ...
Patient throughput & staff optimization

  • Functional analysis – we can optimize flow and build capacity for specific aspects of your organization including the ED, OR, registration/discharge, radiology, lab, supply management, etc; we’ll help you find solutions for constrained areas within your organization
  • Facility changes or additions – these capital-intensive projects need careful planning and analysis during the design phase; we utilize a strong background in Lean Six Sigma and Simulation to optimize patient and staff flow allowing the organization to make the most informed decision before investing the capital
  • Scheduling – while much has been written regarding ways to schedule patients, we are able to conduct an extensive analysis for your specific outpatient services utilizing simulation and discuss how certain changes will impact patient and staff flow

System operations design – as our healthcare system becomes more horizontally integrated (partnerships, ACO’s, HIE’s, etc) we can help you sift through the clutter to improve the exchange of information between organizations advancing patient care and reducing costs; this is an aspect of healthcare that is expanding quickly and our broad range of experience allows us to attack problems with a holistic view 

Technology integration – the rapid growth in the use of technology has often times hampered our clinical staff more than helped them; we work with you to optimize the use of new or existing technology to improve utilization of your EHR, physician/patient portals, telemedicine, or broader system integration and strategies

Burning enthusiasm, backed up by common sense and persistence, is the quality that most frequently makes for success. 

Dale Carnegie 

Our goal is to ensure that technology enables clinicians, not the other way around.

Kevin Martin

"simplify change"
The amount of change in healthcare today is unprecedented and often times overwhelming.  Between constantly evolving government mandates, new technology, emerging evidence-based care, and tighter payer constraints, it’s no wonder our healthcare leaders and clinicians are challenged to stay ahead of the change.

We help organizations more successfully manage multiple, complex, and integrated projects.  We deliver a standard and transparent approach to project management allowing leaders to more easily manage the change. 

It must be considered that there is nothing more difficult to carry out nor more doubtful of success nor more dangerous to handle than to initiate a new order of things. 


Examples include ...
Establish a structure that will better manage the overall progress of multiple projects and show you how to:
  • Better manage, measure and deliver results for large integrated projects
  • Develop the “Four Core” areas that are absolutely integral to successful project management; using these “Four Core” areas greatly increases project success rate and forms stronger partnerships
  • Simplify reporting mechanisms 
  • Create an integrated process connecting organizational strategies, annual budgeting, and project management processes

Carbon Health Systems enjoys a strong partnership with Maestro Strategies, a premier healthcare transformation firm.
Or you can outsource the entire program management process to us for a short period and we will implement the new methodologies and turn it back to you.   We will not manage each project individually, but we will lead your team to compile, share and report the relevant information to ensure integration and more informed decision-making preparing your team for success. 
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