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We must change healthcare – it’s an imperative or this country will collapse under the rapidly growing costs of our healthcare system.  

  • Cost - Healthcare is currently near 18% of GDP – the single largest industry in the US.  
  • Complexity - Peter Drucker once said “large healthcare institutions may be the most complex in human history and even small healthcare organizations are barely manageable”    
  • Regulation – there are nearly 50 regulating agencies for a hospital and even more for all of health care
  • Quality – we accidentally kill or harm over 200,000 people per year in healthcare – PER YEAR!!! 
The future of health care is the sharing of patient information across the care continuum (in a safe and secure manner) so clinicians know everything necessary to diagnose and treat patients based on their medical history.  By sharing this information, we are better able to communicate outcomes which will shift a bulk of our payment system from a “fee-for-service” model to “value-based reimbursement.”  Once this is complete, we can begin to shift the bulk of our health care dollars on prevention as opposed to our current method where a bulk of the time and money is spent in acute care.  It will be a very long journey, but we can and must change.  

Carbon Health Systems is proud to be a leader in this massive and extremely important transformation.
So healthcare is the biggest, the most complex, and one of the highest regulated industries in the US – and the smallest of errors will cause loss of life.   The good news: we can and are changing this, but it takes a great deal of focus on the right things – and this is where Carbon Health Systems can help you.
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