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What do we believe?
  • Healthcare costs are trending upwards at rates that are unsustainable.  The health system we have created is very complex and prone to errors.  The increase of baby boomers and service expectations are putting an increased strain on the system.  
  • These combined forces require an extensive transformation in health care if we are to improve.  This transformation will be much more profound than changes made to health care in the past. 
  • Because health care is a knowledge-based service, the flow of correct and timely information between organizations, providers, payers, and patients is the key to improving performance.
  • Carbon Health Systems is focused on improving performance of health care organizations through the improved flow of quality information and more efficient use of clinical personnel.

"Carbon Health Systems is leading change, reducing costs, and increasing quality in healthcare."
Kevin Martin is the Founder and President of Carbon Health Systems and utilizes his extensive experience to help health care leaders transform their organizations through process improvement. Kevin founded Carbon Health Systems in 2009 with the intent to help health care organizations bring solutions to the ever-growing problems and tightening constraints on the health care system.  

Kevin has over 15 years experience as a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and utilizes an integrative leadership style helping health care organizations decrease costs while increasing staff efficiency and improving quality.  During this time he has completed several multi-million dollar Lean and Six Sigma projects and earned his Six Sigma Black Belt certification from General Electric. 

Kevin also has a strong knowledge of the continually changing health care regulations currently shaping changes in the industry.  The implementation of ARRA, HITECH Act, and Meaningful Use have all had dramatic impact on health care organizations and are requiring the implementation of information technology and information sharing at a rate never seen before.  Kevin utilizes this knowledge along with his extensive performance improvement background to drive results for customers.  Kevin has also earned a BSIE from Clemson University, an MBA from Georgia Southern University.

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